Twin Commander Technician Initial Training

Twin Commander Technician Initial Training

Twin Commander-specific formal training for maintenance technicians is now available in a factory-authorized course exclusively at Eagle Creek Aviation.

This seven-day, 42-hour course is designed to meet the training requirements of the technician who will be working on Twin Commander 690, 690A, 690B, 690C, 690D, 695, 695A & 695B aircraft at a factory-authorized service center. The class covers 19 different subjects ranging from manuals and bulletins to avionics. A technician with no previous Twin Commander experience may require some additional subject matter exposure depending on prior experience in the industry.Twin Commander Training

The course is taught by Mike Grabbe, who taught the Twin Commander maintenance course at FlightSafety International for more than six years, and is now Technical Advisor and Manager of Training for Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis.

Course content includes:

•Familiarization with component locations.
•Introduction to normal systems operation leading to analyzing system malfunctions in a cost-effective manner.
•Discussion of recent manufacturer’s service information and product updates.
•Opportunities to share maintenance experience with other course participants.

Actual hours spent on each subject vary depending on the experience of class participants and the topics discussed.

The training is conducted at Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis, where Grabbe and students can simply walk a few steps from the classroom to the busy shop floor to examine airplanes and components in various stages of maintenance and upgrades.

Twin Commander Aircraft recommends that maintenance personnel attend update training at least every 12-18 months to ensure continued technical competency and accuracy of maintenance-related information.

The class culminates with a 100-question graded exam. Technicians who successfully complete the class each receive an official certificate and record of training.

2018 Twin Commander Maintenance Initial class schedule:

  • May 7th – May 15th
  • September 17th – September 25th

For more information about Twin Commander technician training courses and scheduling contact Michael Grabbe at 317-293-6935, or email him at


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