Eagle Creek Options for the Phenom 100

Eagle Creek Options for the Phenom 100

Eagle Creek Aviation is quickly becoming the world leader in Phenom support, service and sales.  We have been involved since the beginning by buying 21 Phenoms and have delivered around 40 airplanes from Brazil and Melbourne, FL for clients all over the country.  We are an Embraer Authorized Phenom Service Center and offer Phenom operators premier support, service and solutions.

24 Hour Support Available at 800-487-3331


Belted Potty

Eagle Creek offers the Embraer factory Belted Potty kit and has sold and installed several kits.

5th Seat (for the Phenom 100)

Eagle Creek offers the Embraer factory 5th seat kit that replaces the cabinet opposite of the main cabin door

In Flight Internet

Eagle Creek Aviation Services offers several options for adding in flight internet and Wi-Fi to your Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. Eagle Creek Aviation is proud to be an Aircell Authorized Dealer and we  offer Aircell’s Inflight Broadband Internet and Cabin WiFi connectivity. Through Aircell, we can offer all three of the most popular airborne networks.


Eagle Creek Aviation Services offers two cost-effective solutions for operators without TCAS.  We offer both, the Garmin GTS-850 and L-3 Communications Sky-899 TCAS I.

Hobbs Meter

Keep track of your flight hours easily with an installation of a Hobbs meter.  The meter is cleanly installed on the Co-Pilot side by the headset jacks for easy reading and yet out of way.

XM Radio Remote and Wireless Transceiver

Now anyone in your plane can conveniently control your XM Satellite radio using the Garmin remote control.  The GRT 10 in conjunction with the GRC 10 give passengers control over your plane’s XM Satellite radio without operations from the pilot, copilot or avionics suite. Now anyone can scan through their favorite XM radio channels and view entertainment information without disturbing the pilot.  Garmin let’s you adjust the volume, change the channel and view entertainment information.

Iridium Cell Phone and Antenna

Make calls from the comfort of your aircraft with an Iridium 9555 portable phone.  We can install an antenna  with quick disconnects inside the cabin to allow usage of an Iridium phone.  You can even disconnect the phone and take it with you.

In Flight Entertainment

Add in flight entertainment for your passengers.  Control audio and video form each seat in the aircraft while sharing your iPod, iPhone or iPad during flight or play DVD’s.  The system also includes satellite maps for moving map display.  We offer different options of inputs and monitor sizes.

Interior Rail Refinishing

Tired of the interior rails looking poor with scratches and scuffs?  We have a process that will refinish the rails to make them look great and last.

Carpet Runners

Eagle Creek manufactures and stocks carpet runners in factory colors.  We have designed a main aisle carpet runner, supplemented by two rugs between the passenger seats and one by the main cabin door to protect your cabin and allow easy cleaning.  Eagle Creek can also produce custom runners in vinyl including custom logos!


Lavatory Light

Did you notice you don’t have a light in the lav area of the airplane? We can install a LED light just like the spotlights found in the cockpit that are touch control.

Headset Jacks and Additional Aux Jacks in Cabin

We have installed 1/8” headset jacks in several airplanes to allow passengers to use typical iPod-style headsets.  We can also install additional aux music jacks in the cabin that enables passengers to share what they are listening to.

Gear Pin Flags and Other Gifts

Eagle Creek Aviation offers extended gear pin flag sets that offer better visibility on the ground.  We also offer sunvisor and static wick storage bag kits that help keep your small cabin items organized.

Eagle Creek Can Also Install Factory Offered Options

• Rigid Lavatory Door
• 2nd Transponder and DME
• Premium Passenger Door with Lights
• Garmin Synthetic Vision and ChartView