Embraer Phenom 300

Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 features the comfort of a large, exquisitely designed interior normally enjoyed in much larger aircraft. Using the latest technology, Embraer’s advanced engineering and low intervention maintenance methodology the Phenom 300 provides superior takeoff, climb, speed, and range.

unprecedented and unequaled

The collaborative efforts of Embraer and BMW Group DesignworksUSA has created an exquisite interior, with seating for up to nine passengers who are able to enjoy spaciousness unprecedented and unequaled by any other Very Light Jet (VLJ).

Embraer’s Oval Lite® cabin profile and spacious seating make for comfortable travel appointed with rich leather and choice hardwoods. The Phenom 300’s light-filled interior is the result of the largest windows in this class of aircraft. This blend of performance, economical operation and luxury make this an aircraft that completely re-defines its category.

The Phenom 300’s cabin’s original design has now been enhanced by an additional 14 inches in length with no change in performance. The result is a larger lavatory, a larger galley and more room throughout the entire cabin. Its side-facing divan offers even more comfort and layout flexibility.

The Phenom 300’s intelligent climate control system gives you two distinct temperature zones, cabin and cockpit, while ensuring the air at every level is uniformly cool or comfortably warm.

It strikes the perfect balance of steep approach, impressive speed and responsive yet elegant performance, taking off in hot and high conditions or from short runways with ease. Flying more than 1,000 nm with six occupants, it has a range in the top of its class.

The selective use of composite materials has made the Phenom 300 a light jet capable of speeds up to 450 ktas (834 km/h), climbs to 35,000 ft. in just 12 minutes and cruising at 45,000 ft., high above turbulence and most traffic. A hot-air anti-ice system keeps ice from forming on wings and engine inlets. Trailing link landing gear ensures a smooth landing and the brake-by-wire system with anti-skid capability guarantees excellent stopping ability.

Designed for Embraer’s requirements by Pratt & Whitney Canada the Phenom 300’s new-generation, PW535E turbofan, dual FADEC engines provide 3,200 lbf. (14.2 kN) each as well as superb fuel efficiency. They optimize power while delivering an ISA +15°C high flat and a 5,000 hour time between overhaul (TBO).

The all-glass, dark and quiet cockpit reveals the sleek sweep of the Prodigy® flight deck 300, based on easy-read, easy-reach G1000 avionics. Drawing inspiration and utilizing technology from Embraer’s commercial jets, the Phenom 300 is a highly intuitive, single-pilot-capable interface.

Three 12-inch LCDs—the largest display area in this category allow overlaying of information such as traffic and terrain for increased situation awareness. All displays are interchangeable for dispatch in more situations, with no loss of visual input to the pilot.

Designed from the start for high utilization, the Phenom 300 is unique in featuring standard single point refueling and a standard, externally serviced lavatory for fast dispatch and short turnaround time.

Engineered for an economic life of 28,000 cycles, this jet’s ease-of-maintenance and long intervals between service, enabled by the low-intervention maintenance methodology of MSG-3, are more signs of its fine Embraer heritage.

Embraer has built a global network of service providers to ensure that you’ll almost always be within two hours of an Embraer-owned or authorized executive jet service center. Eagle Creek is proud to have been named one of the first Embraer Phenom Authorized Service Centers in the U.S.

Embraer’s customized training for Phenom 300 pilots and ground crew includes online and computer-based instruction, classroom sessions, integrated procedures trainer (IPT), full flight simulator (FFS), practical maintenance education, and thorough testing. FFS and classroom support are provided by CAE, a leading training provider. The training program exceeds standards set by government authorities or requested by insurers.