Embraer Phenom 100

Embraer Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 is the superlative result of Embraer’s renowned engineering expertise, commitment to innovation, and fine craftsmanship. Its masterfully designed interior in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA sets a new standard for beauty, comfort and safety. The dark, quiet cockpit and easy-read, highly integrated avionics make it a joy to fly and elegant to control. The use of composite materials makes this aircraft very light and thus very fast.

intelligent luxury

The intelligent luxury of the Phenom 100’s cabin and cockpit is the result of Embraer’s collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, a cooperative effort that also produced sleek, comfortable ergonomically designed seats. With the largest cabin in its class and an Oval Lite® cross-section profile, the Phenom 100 offers unprecedented spaciousness for up to eight occupants. With the largest windows of its category, the light-filled cabin helps you arrive refreshed and ready to go. Your in-flight experience will be further enhanced by onboard entertainment systems as well as intelligent climate control, which allows two different temperature zones while ensuring that the air at every level is uniformly cool or cozy.

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your unique preferences

To customize the aircraft to your unique preferences, you’ll choose from a variety of splendid, sophisticated options for the Phenom 100’s interior, including the flight deck, which matches the cabin in both comfort and style. Some collection examples are illustrated below.

Cabin design, appointments, seats, windows, lighting and pressurization are all best-in-class. The jet’s spaciousness includes the baggage compartment, the largest baggage compartment in the VLJ category and roomy enough for both skis and golf bags, and a private rear lavatory with a hard partition door.

The Phenom leads its entire class of aircraft with a range of 1,178 nm, short field length operation and speeds up to 390 nm/h (722 km/h). The cost-efficient Phenom 100 is less expensive to operate than many leading turboprops. And of course, your flight will be quieter, smoother, more comfortable and safer when flying at 41,000 ft. (12,497m) above the turbulence and commercial traffic.

The PW617F high-bypass ratio turbofan, dual FADEC engines provide 1,695 lbf. (7.5 kN) of thrust each. They have a flat rating of ISA +100C, provide time between overhaul (TBO) of 3,500 hours and are superbly fuel efficient. The engines were developed to Embraer’s precise requirements for the Phenom 100 by Pratt & Whitney Canada, the world’s leading producer of engines.

Built upon Embraer’s four vital principles: easy operation, simple maintenance, outstanding reliability and extended economic life. The Phenom 100 is as easy to maintain as it is easy to operate. Simple maintenance and long intervals (600 flight hours or 12 months) between inspections are the result of Embraer’s low-intervention maintenance methodology. And when it comes to consistent flight-readiness, the Phenom 100 is designed for an economic life of 35,000 cycles, leaving its closest competitor trailing far behind at 15,000 cycles.

Embraer’s training for Phenom 100 pilots and ground crew includes online and computer-based instruction, classroom sessions, integrated procedures trainer (IPT), full-flight simulator (FFS), practical maintenance education and thorough testing. FFS and classroom support are provided by CAE, a leading training provider. Embraer’s Phenom training program exceeds standards set by government authorities or requested by insurers.

This is a wonderfully quiet turbine aircraft, The Phenom 100 exceeds ICAO Stage IV regulations and complies with the world’s most noise-restrictive airports. It also produces an average of 33% less CO2 than older aircraft and 10% less than previous generation jets. These green factors—combined with its luxurious interior, unparalleled spaciousness, best-in-class performance and high utilization design—are even more reasons why the Phenom100 is the best jet you can buy.