Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Like many other outsourcing solutions, hiring Eagle Creek to manage your aircraft is a smart business decision.

There are myriad details to consider including: hiring and training of the flight crew, hangar space, scheduled maintenance, unscheduled repairs, fueling, catering and a hundred other details. Rather than staffing your own flight department, you can outsource the management of your plane to Eagle Creek.

Benefits of Management

Reduce Costs. Eagle Creek aircraft management is less expensive than operating your own flight department. Our pilots, dispatchers, customer service representatives and maintenance crews are the best in the business, but you pay for them only when you need them.

Free Up Capital. Rather than subsidizing a flight department, you can free up precious capital to invest in your core business.

Stay Current with Compliance. The ever-changing regulatory climate in general aviation requires the utmost scrutiny and compliance. It’s hard to do that on your own, but a professional management company like First Wing can make sure your aircraft is in compliance with FAA regulations, manufacturer service bulletins and maintenance schedules.

Simplify Personnel Issues. By reducing your staff and payroll, you have fewer HR issues to deal with. We handle all the training, performance reviews, compensation and benefits.

Create Income to Offset Aircraft Costs. Based on the usage of your aircraft, you can usually offset the cost of ownership by making your aircraft available for charter use. You’ll still have Eagle Creek managing the crewing and flight operations, but you’ll receive income from your aviation asset.

Why First Wing?

With our decades of experience, we’re able to provide the best owner experience available anywhere. You’ll save money while getting more use out of your aircraft. Because of our size and years in the business, we can negotiate, and then pass on to you, discounts for fuel, hangar space and storage, maintenance and insurance premiums.

We have a reputation for attracting the best people and investing in their ongoing training and certification. You’ll have the best talent at the lowest cost focused on your aviation needs.

We can also help offset some of the costs of ownership with income from charter use which we also manage on your behalf. Eagle Creek currently manages and operates a Citation Bravo, a Citation SII, two Twin Commanders and a King Air B-100 for various companies in the Midwest.

If you don’t currently own an aircraft, we can find the right airplane to fit your mission profile, and then operate it for you. You receive all the benefits of aircraft ownership and operation, but without all the personnel and administrative details.