Fractional / Shared Ownership

Fractional / Shared Ownership

Fractional aircraft ownership enables you to purchase a partial interest in an aircraft while still enjoying all the flexibility and responsiveness of private aviation. Eagle Creek’s decades of experience in buying and selling aircraft as well as future positions on new planes makes us a knowledgeable advocate for your interests in purchasing a fraction share of an aircraft of any type.

key benefits of fractional ownership

The two key benefits of fractional ownership are having a flight ready aircraft available while maintaining a predictable, guaranteed cost structure. Eagle Creek manages all the details, including scheduling, maintenance, crew selection and oversight, and every other detail that a full-service flight department would provide.

Shares can be divided among the owners in a wide range of proportions. 1/16 interest is usually the smallest share size, representing about 50 hours of flight time per year. You generally pay only for your occupied flight hours, not for time spent bringing the aircraft to your departing location.

We’ll help you analyze your needs, tailoring a custom fractional opportunity around your business and leisure travel requirements, while integrating those requirements with the other share owners of your aircraft.