Aircraft Charter

Aircraft Charter

Flying with First Wing—Eagle Creek’s charter and management division—could be the biggest productivity improvement your company makes this year.

The limited number of non-stop commercial flights out of Indianapolis International Airport can make business travel a time-consuming proposition. So imagine being able to visit clients in three different cities in one day, and getting home in time for dinner. By flying charter, you could save thousands in travel costs while you see your revenues grow. You’ll connect with more customers more frequently. It’s like having an office in hundreds of cities for a fraction of the cost.

The Benefits of Charter

There are 5,500 public airports in the United States suited for charter aircraft, compared to 330 commercial airports. Charter flights take passengers closer to their business destinations and get them there sooner. Quality of life also improves when company personnel fly charter. They’re able to accomplish more while out of the office, and they can get back home to be with their families. When you calculate the staggering costs of lost time and productivity waiting in airport lines for boarding passes, security clearance and parking shuttles, you realize that flying commercial airlines can be an expensive and wasteful endeavor. Charter air travel—no longer a luxury—is an essential business productivity tool.

Flexibility improves dramatically because you decide when you depart and arrive rather than arranging your life around the airlines’ schedules. No connecting flights, no missed connections, no lost bags—just efficient, comfortable and secure travel.

Why Eagle Creek Charter?

We operate a variety of aircraft, enabling us to customize corporate travel solutions based on your specific travel needs. Every flight is a first class experience of comfort, safety and convenience. Our pilots are airline transport rated, and since its inception in June 1995, Eagle Creek’s charter service division, First Wing, has flown safely—accident-free and violation-free.argus small

Charter Aircraft operated under FAR135 certificate by First Wing Management #F27A770J.