Nothing is left to chance with Eagle Creek as your charter air travel provider to destinations in the U.S. and around the globe. Concierge-level care is yours wherever you travel.

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Eagle Creek continues to bring more aircraft under its professional management services while generating charter income for their owners.

Charter & Management

Private air travel is available in a wide range of operational configurations, including air charter, full ownership and fractional ownership. Eagle Creek offers unique expertise in all modes of aircraft ownership and operation, and we can help you identify which is best for you and the aircraft that best fits your mission profile. One of the most valuable services we provide is professional management of your airplane, freeing you up from the many obligations and details of staffing a flight department. Regardless of the mode of ownership you choose, with Eagle Creek as your partner, you can enjoy more time in the air, lower costs and expert management of every detail.

Aircraft Charter

Flying charter can be the biggest productivity improvement your company makes this year. The decreasing number of non-stop flights offered by the airlines can make business travel a time-consuming proposition. (There are 5,500 public airports in the United States suited for charter aircraft, compared to only 330 commercial airports.) And when you calculate the staggering costs of lost time and productivity waiting in airport lines for boarding passes, security clearance and parking shuttles, you realize that flying commercial airlines can be an expensive and wasteful endeavor. But imagine being able to visit customers in three different cities in one day, and getting home in time for dinner. By flying charter, you could save thousands in travel costs while you see your company’s revenues grow. It’s like having an office in hundreds of cities for a fraction of the cost. Charter air travel—no longer a luxury—is becoming an essential business productivity tool. Charter flights take you closer to your business destinations and get you there sooner. Quality of life also improves when company personnel fly charter. They’re able to accomplish more while out of the office, and they can get back home to be with their families. Flexibility and responsiveness—so critical in today’s fast-moving business climate—improve dramatically because you decide when you depart and arrive rather than arranging your life around the airlines’ schedules. No connecting flights, no missed connections, no lost bags—just efficient, comfortable and secure travel.

Based in Indianapolis and Naples, Florida First Wing serves clients throughout the US, operating a variety of aircraft that enable us to customize corporate travel solutions based on your specific travel needs. Every flight is a first class experience of comfort, safety and convenience.

Our pilots are airline transport rated, and since its inception in June 1995, First Wing has flown safely and accident and violation free. First Wing is a division of Eagle Creek Aviation, an aviation company renowned for its extraordinary customer service.

Aircraft Management

Like many other outsourcing solutions, hiring a company like First Wing to manage your aircraft is a smart business decision. There are myriad details to consider including: hiring and training of the flight crew, hangar space, scheduled maintenance, unscheduled repairs, fueling, catering and a hundred other details. Rather than staffing your own flight department, you can outsource the management of your plane to First Wing, and enjoy the following benefits:

Reduced Costs. First Wing aircraft management is less expensive than operating your own flight department. Our pilots, dispatchers, customer service representatives and maintenance crews are the best in the business, but you pay for them only when you need them.

Free Up Capital. Rather than subsidizing a flight department, you can free up precious capital to invest in your core business.

Stay Current with Compliance. The ever-changing regulatory climate in general aviation requires the utmost scrutiny and compliance. It’s hard to do that on your own, but a professional management company like First Wing can make sure your aircraft is in compliance with FAA regulations, manufacturer service bulletins and maintenance schedules.

Simplify Personnel Issues. By reducing your staff and payroll, you have fewer HR issues to deal with. We handle all the training, performance reviews, compensation and benefits.

Create Charter Income to Offset Aircraft Costs. Based on the usage of your aircraft, you can usually offset the cost of ownership by making your aircraft available for charter use. You’ll still have First Wing managing the crewing and flight operations, but you’ll receive income from your aviation asset.

With our decades of experience, we’re able to provide the best owner experience available anywhere. You’ll save money while getting more use out of your aircraft. Because of our size and years in the business, we can negotiate, and then pass on to you, discounts for fuel, hangar space and storage, maintenance and insurance premiums. We have a reputation for attracting the best people and investing in their ongoing training and certification. You’ll have the best talent at the lowest cost focused on your aviation needs.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional aircraft ownership enables you to purchase a partial interest in an aircraft while still enjoying all the flexibility and responsiveness of private aviation. Eagle Creek’s decades of experience in buying and selling aircraft as well as future positions on new planes makes us a knowledgeable advocate for your interests in purchasing a fraction share of an aircraft of any type.

The two key benefits of fractional ownership are having a flight ready aircraft available while maintaining a predictable, guaranteed cost structure. Eagle Creek manages all the details, including scheduling, maintenance, crew selection and oversight, and every other detail that a full-service flight department would provide.

Shares can be divided among the owners in a wide range of proportions. 1/16 interest is usually the smallest share size, representing about of 50 hours of flight time per year. You generally pay only for your occupied flight hours, not for time spent bringing the aircraft to your departing location.

We’ll help you analyze your needs, tailoring a custom fractional opportunity around your business and leisure travel requirements, while integrating those requirements with the other share owners of your aircraft.

Charter aircraft operated under FAR135 certificate by First Wing Management #F27A770J