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Eagle Creek Lands Fifth Colombian Grand Renaissance

Eagle Creek Aviation Services is undertaking its fifth Grand Renaissance Twin Commander upgrade for the Colombian Army. The Twin Commander 840 (model 690C) will serve dual roles in the Colombian Army as a military executive transport and medevac aircraft.

In addition to the extensive Grand Renaissance airframe inspection and refurbishment, Eagle Creek will complete service bulletin work, interior refurbishments, and manage the exterior repainting of the aircraft. The aircraft will receive an extensive avionics panel upgrade including installation of a Garmin G950 panel–a first for the Colombian Army.

The Grand Renaissance process involves disassembly of the aircraft to its aluminum shell, followed by a comprehensive refurbishing of all systems and virtually all components using new or overhauled components. Optional Honeywell TPE 331-10T engines are fitted to Commander models powered by standard TPE331-5 series engines. The result is a certified aircraft of superlative quality, performance, safety, and long-term value.

“We are fortunate to be known as a leader in Grand Renaissance overhauls for both individual owners and government and military operators,” said Matt Hagans, CEO of Eagle Creek Aviation’s family of companies. “The fact that this is the fifth recent Grand Renaissance contract secured for Colombia speaks volumes about our capabilities as a premier aircraft refurbishment supplier and a trusted partner for government and military operators.”

Eagle Creek also has performed Grand Renaissance overhauls for the Mexican Navy and for the County of Kern, California.

The Colombian aircraft refurbishment project will be conducted in cooperation with Asesorias Y Representacion Para Ingenieria S.A. (ASERPA) of Bogota, Colombia. ASERPA is a Colombian aviation advisory company and a provider of aviation parts, maintenance, repair, training, logistics, and other services for non-regular operators using helicopters and small aircraft, and for the army in Colombia.