Eagle Creek in the News

“Students” Rate Twin Commander University a Success

Judging by survey results from participants as well as anecdotal comments heard at the event, the 2015 Twin Commander University was a resounding success. The University attracted a strong crowd distinguished by a number of new faces—a good indicator of the continuing popularity of the biennial owner/operator symposium and the healthy market for Twin Commanders.

Survey respondents gave high marks—an average of 4.7 out of 5—to the Hilton Savannah DeSoto hotel where the University was held, as well as the hotel’s service, University social events, and the registration process. Top-rated seminars, each of which scored 5 on the survey, were Erik Eliel’s Airborne Weather Radar course; the “What Does the Future Hold for My Twin Commander?” panel featuring factory and service center representatives; and the “Right-Seat Responder” Pinch-Hitter course conducted by SimCom instructor Ed Oberholtzer. One Right-Seat Responder student said “Teach to pilots, too!”

Dr. Paul Buza’s presentation on “Slow-Onset Hypoxia—Situation Unbreathable” rated a 4.8 on the survey results, and Erik Eliel’s opening seminar session, “Better to be Good Than Lucky,” was given a 4.7 out of 5. David Tenenbaum’s lunch presentation on “Filming the World from Your Twin Commander,” which featured video from his Eagle360 fuselage-mounted video pod kit, earned a 4.6 rating.

“The University is a crucial part of our support of the fleet,” commented Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley. “It’s our one opportunity to spend time with a large group of owners and operators, and the interaction and feedback we get is invaluable. The strong, positive response from participants this year shows that the University is as important to our owners and operators as it is to us.”

The next University will take place in the spring of 2017 at a place to be announced.