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Remembering & Honoring Cathy’s Customer Service and Commitment

By Matt Hagans, Eagle Creek Aviation Co-Founder and CEO

My wife, best friend, and company co-founder, Cathy Hagans passed away February 24, 2015.

Throughout our company’s history, Cathy remained true to her commitment of customer service and each day championed our company’s efforts to offer fair and clearly superior client service, by first and foremost, truly empathizing with each customer and as a result; most past clients remain our best friends still today.

There is no way for me, my family or our wonderfully supportive staff to fill the hole in our hearts left by Cathy’s passing. Cathy leaves an everlasting memory.

As an honor to her legacy, my family and our staff are working hard, and are dedicating ourselves to continue unmatched level of client advocacy, customer support and the highest quality in everything we do.

Please know Cathy was so deeply involved in every part of our company, we will struggle to not have a gap in some of her ongoing efforts.

I have a favor to ask you. If you, my wonderful friends and clients, know of any area where we are not yet  fulfilling Cathy’s promise of service, support or advocacy, or see how we can improve in any way, please let me know. I promise you we will respond immediately.

We thank all of you for your wonderful support in this difficult time for me and my family.

The Hagans & Branch families

Eagle Creek Aviation