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Twin Commander Spar Replacement Kits Drastically Discounted


Twin Commander has drastically discounted a very limited number of CK144-2

Over 40% discount off current list price and ready for immediate delivery!

Repeated disassembly for SB208 causes unnecessary movement of fuel cells, plumbing and sheet metal components that could lead to replacement and a higher than expected maintenance bill on top of the already expensive Eddy Current Inspection.

Stop disassembling your aircraft every 1-3 years. Fly with the comfort of knowing your SB208 expenses are behind you.

Don’t wait, there are only 7 kits available at the very special price of $28,000.

Also, take advantage of a 90 day delivery window upon receipt of a purchase order

Eagle Creek Aviation and Naples Jet Center are Twin Commander Service Centers and are experienced in replacing the lower spar cap.  Give us a call at 800-487-3331 for more information