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Brighten Up the Cabin with New LED Lighting for Twin Commander Aircraft

Twin Commander Aircraft has developed lighter, brighter, longer-lasting LED lighting for passenger cabins that replaces older-technology fluorescent bulb systems on 690A model and later turboprop-powered Twin Commanders.

The drop-in LED package –– Custom Kit 190 –– includes lights and printed circuit boards. The eight LED lights are a simple remove-and-replace with existing fluorescent bulbs, using existing receptacles in the passenger cabin. Twin Commander Interior with LED Light

The LED printed circuit boards replace the four existing power supplies mounted on the aft pressure bulkhead. The boards plug into the existing wiring harness and mount to the aft pressure bulkhead in place of the old power supply boxes. No additional equipment or wiring is required to install the LED lighting package.

The LED lighting kit will be available at the end of April, and Twin Commander Aircraft is offering a 10-percent discount on the list price of the kit if ordered before May 30.

For more information contact Eagle Creek Aviation or Naples Jet Center at 800-487-3331 to learn more