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2014 Twin Commander Training Dates Announced

Eagle Creek Aviation has been selected as the Twin Commander Technician Training provider and has recently announced dates for 2014 training.

Twin Commander Maintenance Initial Course

We are currently offering a Twin Commander Maintenance Initial Course that is designed to meet the training requirements of the technician with some experience maintaining Twin Commander 690, 690A, 690B, 690C, 690D, 695, 695A & 695B aircraft in a service center environment.  Those with no experience with this aircraft series may require additional subject matter exposure depending on prior experience in the industry.

Course content includes:

The class is finalized with the execution of a graded exam. Upon successful completion of the class, clients receive an official certificate of training. It is recommended that maintenance personnel attend update training at least every 12-18 months to ensure continued technical competency and accuracy of maintenance related information.

2014 Twin Commander Maintenance Initial class schedule:

Twin Commander SB241 Training Program

The two day Twin Commander SB241 training event takes the A&P mechanic (or equivalent) step by step thru the service bulletin in a classroom environment, using associated publications, engineering drawings, physical training aids and discussions of potential traps. Clients are issued a training binder containing a printed copy of the presentation and associated service pubs, plus a CD with relevant information.

The class is finalized with the execution of a graded exam. Upon successful completion of the class, clients receive a certificate of training and are issued a serialized training verification stamp. The stamp is used to mark compliance card and log book entries to show that the work was performed and/or supervised by a trained individual

“We have worked with one of our most experienced service centers, Eagle Creek Aviation, to bring the fleet a training program that will provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience in order to ensure that aircraft modified with SB241 will continue flying for decades to come.” Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley recently commented.

2014 Twin Commander SB 241 class schedule:

For more information about Twin Commander technician training courses and scheduling contact Michael Grabbe at 317-293-6935, or email him at mgrabbe@eagle-creek.com.


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