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Eagle Creek and Naples Jet Center Hosting Erik Eliel of Radar Training Intl for Airborne Weather Radar Seminar

Eagle Creek Aviation is proud to announce that we are hosting Erik Eliel of Radar Training International at our FBO in Indianapolis, IN (KEYE) on March 15, 2014.

Naples Jet Center (Eagle Creek’s Florida location) is excited to host Erik and RTI March 22, 2014 at our FBO in Naples, FL (KAPF).

The programs are packed with information so Erik will put on 6 hour programs at each location that will start at 8:30 with brief hourly breaks.  The best thing is that the seminars are free and provided/sponsored by Eagle Creek and Naples Jet Center with boxed lunches included.

Erik and RTI specialize in  customized and focused training that is operationally practical, provides objective and unbiased source of information regarding radar technology and capability, discusses NEXRAD radar capabilities/limitation and how to properly integrate this technology into operational decisions.  Eagle Creek are Naples Jet Center are also including the optional take-home seminar material including RTI’s color Airborne Weather Radar Pilots Operating Guide (click here for a sample).

The seminar is open and created for all local pilots and tailored for our Embraer Phenom, Twin Commander, Citation and other clients.  For more information and to sign up for one of the courses, please contact:

For the Eagle Creek Aviation, Indianapolis Seminar Contact Christina Gipson at 317-293-6935

For the Naples Jet Center, Naples Seminar Contact Maura Kirchgessner at 239-649-7900

Space is limited so sign up now!

Radar Training International

Training geared toward those who seek increased confidence with their radar system

Seminar Information

This comprehensive seminar is designed for highly motivated professional pilots or flight departments seeking a strong foundation of knowledge, advanced skill, and confidence in their radar systems.

From this foundation, our clients can achieve a high degree of proficiency. And as a by-product, they obtain knowledge essential for differentiating between features that are operationally useful and those that are mostly marketing fluff.

Information is presented in three modules:

Module 1. Radar BasicsRadar Training   

Module 2: Fundamental Concepts

Module 3. Operational EmploymentRadar Training

What you need to know – The order and content of each presentation vary slightly according to specific customer equipment and needs. Due to the significant number of variations available from manufacturers for displays and control panel configurations, specific configurations are not normally discussed.


More Information About Radar Training International (RTI) and Erik ElielRadar Training International

Radar Training International Inc. (RTI) was founded in 2004, and specializes in customized airborne weather radar seminars for Fortune 500 companies and the manufacturers of aircraft weather radar. Although the foundation of the seminar is anchored in the tactics, techniques and limitations of airborne weather radar, this program has evolved into a comprehensive convective weather program for pilots and now includes other critical topics such as human factors, risk management and properly integrating NEXRAD technology into the overall weather strategy.

RTI’s program has been presented to pilots representing corporate flight departments, the Department of Defense, and aviation/owner-operator associations, as well as the dispatchers and meteorologists of aviation-related companies; industry safety standdowns; and the pilots, engineers and marketing representatives of a major manufacturer of airborne weather radar.  This increasingly popular program is commonly booked more than a year in advance for large venues, and the critiques consistently rank it as one of the most popular.

RTI founder and president, Erik Eliel, is currently flying the Boeing 737 for a major airline, maintains his CFII and MEI ratings and has logged over 13,000 total flying hours.  From 1987 until 2001, Erik was an active duty Air Force pilot with assignments to the T-38, C-141 and U-2.  His radar and weather-related articles have been published in the NBAA Journal of Business Aviation and in Business & Commercial Aviation.  His input has also been solicited for safety-orientated publications such as the Flight Safety Foundation’s magazine AeroSafety World.   His company maintains active memberships in multiple professional flying organizations including National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).