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Eagle Creek Aviation, Not Just an Aircraft Broker, a NARA Certified Broker/Dealer

As a longtime NARA member, Eagle Creek Aviation is proud to be NARA Certified Broker Dealer.  NARA (the National Aircraft Resale Association) has had some recent developments in their ongoing efforts to protect the interest of business aircraft buyers, sellers, owners and operators.  Perhaps the most significant news from NARA are the new standards for aircraft broker and dealer certification that were announced at NBAA2013.

Because there is no governing body to license or regulate aircraft brokers and dealers, anyone with an aircraft to sell and a desire to make money can call himself a broker. Prospective clients never know what they’re getting in the bargain. Their broker/dealer could be highly experienced and honest. Or he could be incompetent and even unscrupulous.

 NARA Certification assures someone in the market to acquire or sell a previously owned business aircraft that they have found a qualified broker/dealer who will always look out for their best interests, treat them fairly and deliver the fastest transaction at the best possible price.

Look for the NARA Certified logo when you search for an aircraft broker or dealer.
When you see this emblem on an aircraft broker or dealer’s website, you’ll know that they subscribe to the principles, rules and regulations of the National Aircraft Resale Association, ensuring that you are working with one of the most respected and highly experienced professionals in business aviation.


Eagle Creek Aviation is a proud to be a NARA Broker Dealer.
Article is courtesy of NARA as featured in their NARA Perspective, No. 1