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New Flight Levels Out to Subscribers


floThe very last Commander to come off the production line in Bethany, Oklahoma, is now in the hands of former King Air 90 owner and pilot Mark Dziuban, who is savoring the performance and capability of his new ride.

“I’ve been loving flying the airplane,” Dziuban says of his 695B Model 1000. “I seriously believe I’m flying the best airplane in the sky right now.” The story of how Dziuban came to choose a Commander, and in particular the last one built, is the lead story in the latest Twin Commander Flight Levels magazine, which has been published and distributed to subscribers and authorized service centers. The issue also appears online at www.flightlevelsonline.com.

News reports in the issue include a revision to Service Bulletin 241 that allows some operators to continue flying before completing the full inspection, and coverage of Twin Commander Flight Group’s conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In his “From the Factory” column, Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley reflects on the positive aspects of the term “legacy aircraft.” SimCom Twin Commander instructor Stephen Quick devotes his “Control Column” to the Supplementary NTS check and why it is important to perform it.

And, Honeywell TPE331 pilot advisor Helmuth Eggeling explains how the process of counting cycles has changed to account for operations in which numerous takeoffs and landings are conducted without engine shutdown and startup between each landing and takeoff.

If you do not currently receive the printed version of Flight Levels, you can subscribe for free by going to www.twincommander.com and signing up. Flight Levels is published four times a year; two are printed and distributed, while all four appear online.

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