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FAA Issues Airworthiness Directive Based on Twin Commander SB241

On May 14 the FAA published Airworthiness Directive 2013-09-05 mandating compliance with the aft pressure bulkhead area inspection procedure and modifications specified in Twin Commander Aircraft Service Bulletin 241, which affects certain 690/A/B Twin Commanders. Although issuance of the AD was not unexpected, the compliance schedule it sets out is much more aggressive than that contained in the service bulletin.

SB241 SB 241

Here is the compliance timetable mandated in the AD:

• For airplanes with 10,000 or more hours time-in-service (TIS), inspect within the next 30 days after the effective date of the AD (May 29, 2013).
• For airplanes with 7,500 through 9,999 hours TIS, inspect within the next 60 days after the effective date of the AD.
• For airplanes with 5,000 through 7,499 hours TIS, inspect within the next 6 months after the effective date of the AD.
• For airplanes with fewer than 5,000 hours TIS, inspect when the airplane accumulates a total of 5,000 hours TIS or within the next 12 months after the effective date of the AD, whichever occurs

Some cracking in the aft pressure bulkhead area was first discovered during a routine, scheduled inspection of a 690B about three years ago. Subsequent inspections of other 690As and Bs revealed similar problems. Working closely with the FAA, Twin Commander Aircraft developed Service Bulletin 241, issued in September 2012, that called for inspection and modification of the affected area on 690/A/B aircraft. (Later-model Twin Commanders (690C/D and 695/A/B) have a different wing-to-fuselage design and are not affected by the service bulletin.)

Training Program Established

Twin Commander Aircraft launched a training program for technicians to perform the inspections detailed in Service Bulletin 241. Due to the complexity of the inspection process, the service bulletin recommends that it be done only by technicians who have completed a special SB241 training class developed and conducted by representatives of Twin Commander Aircraft.

“The service bulletin inspection requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail to be properly performed,” Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley recently commented. “It is for this reason that we have recommended this work be done only by those shops that have received the proper factory training.

“We have worked with one of our most experienced service centers (Eagle Creek Aviation) to bring the fleet a training program that will provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience in order to ensure that aircraft modified with SB241 will continue flying for decades to come.”

Eagle Creek Aviation and Naples Jet Center are now taking reservations for slots to perform the AD/SB 241.  Currently, Eagle Creek Aviation and Naples Jet Center can complete an aircraft in about 4 weeks and can complete 4-6 aircraft per month between both of our facilities.

To schedule your aircraft or for more information, contact us at 317-293-6935 or info@eagle-creek.com.