Eagle Creek in the News

Eagle Creek Aviation Offers Diverse Services for Aircraft Operators and Purchasers

Last Month – Eagle Creek Aviation was featured on the NARA Member Profiles blog.  NARA is the National Aircraft Resale Association and is the premier organization of turbine aircraft brokers, dealers and support service providers. The Association was organized for the specific purpose of promoting a consistently high set of ethical standards in buying and selling business aircraft and to communicate those standards to the marketplace.

Buying and selling a business aircraft can be a complicated procedure. The need for well-informed, seasoned counsel is obvious and the business relationship that you establish with a NARA member is one in which you can have total confidence. NARA members are all professionals, thoroughly experienced in business aircraft operations, and can help you identify, evaluate, and select the aircraft that will best meet your mission requirements and satisfy your personal preference. Whether you are buying or selling, you can rely on the experience, knowledge, integrity, and ethics of the brokers and dealers that make up the NARA membership.

The NARA Mission Statement:
To create a competitive advantage for members and their customers by leveraging a global collective knowledge and maintaining the highest professional standards.

NARA Member Profile:

Eagle Creek Aviation Services, Inc., provides business jet and turboprop owners and operators with a complete range of services including maintenance, avionics upgrades and installation, interior refurbishment and parts support, as well as internationally recognized aircraft sales and brokerage services. Executive aircraft charter and management services are also provided through the company’s First Wing division, with aircraft base locations in Indianapolis, IN, and Naples, FL.

“We provide inclusive solutions for our aviation clients around the world by providing technical, operational and marketing support 24/7,” says Matt Hagans, CEO and Founder of Eagle Creek Aviation Services. “Although many of our relationships begin with an aircraft purchase, we are more than a broker. As a stocking aircraft dealer with our own inventory, we are active aircraft buyers. We also operate our own charter fleet, so we really understand all aspects of aircraft acquisition, ownership and operation. This gives us a dynamic insight to help us treat every client’s transaction as though it were our own investment.”

In business for more than 30 years, Eagle Creek now operates two facilities, its headquarters in Indianapolis and a second at Naples Jet Center in Naples. In addition to serving Southeastern U.S. markets and Southwest Florida transient needs, the Naples facility specializes in supporting the growing Latin and South American sales and service markets with multilingual service and sales staff, Venezuelan (INAC) Approval and South American Mobile Service. Adding to Eagle Creek’s world renowned Commander leadership as the largest Twin Commander Factory and Honeywell TPE-331 Service Centers, both locations are Embraer Authorized Phenom Service Centers.

Eagle Creek helps those in the market to acquire an aircraft by developing an acquisition plan based on clients’ needs and trip profiles. The company compiles a complete market analysis of specific aircraft that meet the needs of the client and then manages the acquisition process, including insurance and tax issues. Eagle Creek also provides after-sales support and, when desired, can crew and manage the aircraft after its purchase.

“Eagle Creek strives for unmatched after-sales support,” Hagans says. “Our after-sales support includes assistance with maintenance and service along with technical and operational support, even on-site and Mobile Team dispatch for Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations.”

For those electing to sell an aircraft, Eagle Creek’s rich history, which includes three decades of daily market involvement and many thousands of successful closings, has given the company a virtually unmatched dynamic in understanding the worldwide aviation markets. “We provide a detailed market summary for the specific model aircraft and then aggressively market the airplane with print media, direct contact programs, online resources and through the industry’s largest contact network,” Hagans says.

“We leverage the unique virtues and competitive strengths of a seller’s aircraft against similar aircraft on the market,” Hagans continues. “We have a model-specific and sophisticated knowledge of the marketplace and the hard-earned respect of the industry to open the doors needed to find that one perfect buyer.”

Eagle Creek Aviation Services, Inc., is a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).

“Our membership in NARA directly benefits our clients,” Hagans says. “Our network of relationships, which includes the network of dealers, brokers and associates in NARA, allows us to look far beyond the information found on the internet or in standard aircraft sales listings and publications. Many of the best opportunities aren’t even advertised.NARA members working together make those opportunities easier to find.”

For more information about Eagle Creek Aviation Services or Naples Jet Center, visit https://www.eagle-creek.com/ and http://www.naplesjetcenter.com/ or call 317-293-6935.