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Eagle Creek Introduces Garmin G1000 Panel for the Twin Commander

October 29, 2012 – Eagle Creek Aviation Services and Twin Commander Aircraft are working on supplemental type certification (STC) to retrofit turboprop Twin Commander models with the Garmin G1000 panel and S-TEC IntelliFlight 2100 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS).

The new all-electronic Garmin panel will integrate all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather, and engine instrumentation systems (EIS) on a large 12.4-inch multifunction display (MFD) and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays (PFDs).

The retrofit includes removal of all standard mechanical instruments and gauges, and the annunciator panel. All of those functions are incorporated in the Garmin electronic displays. This will be the first Garmin 1000 retrofit to replace all factory standard mechanical instrumentation and annunciators.Twin Commander Garmin G1000 Panel

The new panel will be available for all Twin Commander turboprop models from the 690A through the 695B. Because it is the first Garmin 1000 retrofit to incorporate Honeywell TPE331 engine instrumentation, it also will be adaptable to other Honeywell TPE331-powered aircraft.

The package includes Garmin newly announced GWX 70 digital weather radar and synthetic vision, among other features. It has new software and sensors for the 2100 DFCS to enable RVSM certification (for 690C/D and 695/A/B models with higher certified service ceilings). The existing annunciator panel is replaced by a full featured Crew Advisory System displayed on the MFD.

The new panel will easily be the most significant update to the Twin Commander cockpit since the Meggitt Magic program some years ago – a project also initiated by Eagle Creek, an authorized Twin Commander Service Center.

“This will be a very popular upgrade for owner-flown operators who want the latest and greatest in their aircraft,” commented Eagle Creek CEO Matt Hagans. “All the problematic maintenance and parts availability issues with the old panel and instruments go away, along with 350 pounds of wiring.”

Eagle Creek is developing the STC in house, with support from Twin Commander Aircraft and Garmin, including installing the Garmin panel/S-TEC DFCS in a demonstrator Commander 1000. The airplane has been at Eagle Creek’s facility in Indianapolis for the retrofit and a complete refurbishment. It will be on display at the NBAA Annual Convention October 30-November 1 in Orlando, Florida.

Eagle Creek is working to have the panel/autopilot retrofit package available for customer installation in the spring of 2013. Eagle Creek will own the STC,and is partnering with Twin Commander Aircraft to market the product worldwide and will license it to other authorized Twin Commander service centers so customers can choose the installer.

“Commander owners love to have the latest, greatest avionics in their aircraft, and we want to make the upgrade widely available to the fleet,” explained Twin Commander President Matt Isley. “We are proud to be a part of this project with Garmin and Eagle Creek.”

At press time a price had not yet been set for the retrofit as final installation time was still to be determined. Hagans said it would be priced competitively with G1000 retrofits in other turboprop aircraft.



As the computer-generated illustration clearly shows, the new all-electronic panel dramatically transforms the look of the Commander cockpit. The busy analog or hybrid electronic/analog panel that Commander operators are familiar with is replaced by a remarkably clutter-free span of glass and metal. Very few original instruments remain.

The list of equipment and instruments removed from the airplane, the replacement equipment, and optional equipment, is extensive.

Equipment removed from original panel:

• VHF com transceivers

• Nav receivers

• All Mechanical Gyros, Compasses and Altimeters

• GPS receiver

• Autopilot (unless 2100 DFCS already installed)

• Audio panels

• Flight director

• All mechanical flight instruments (airspeed, altimeter, VSI, horizon, turn & bank, etc)

• All mechanical engine indicators (torque, EGT, fuel flow, oil temp, oil and fuel pressure, etc)

• All mechanical trim indicators (aileron, elevator, rudder)

• Flap indicator

• Fuel quantity indicator

• Landing gear lights

• Both Analog Volt/amp meters

• Anti-ice amp meter

• Master caution and annunciator panel

• Fuel, oil, & hydraulic pressure transducers

• Fuel flow transmitters

• Hobbs meter


Equipment installed with the retrofit, not including optional items:

• Dual 10.4-inch PFDs, single 12.4-inch MFD

• Dual GDC 74 air data computers

• Dual GRS 77 AHRS units

• Dual GMU 44 magnetometers

• Dual GTP 59 OAT probes

• Dual GIA 63W nav/com/ILS/WAAS units

• Dual GEA 71 airframe & engine interface units

• Dual GMA 1347D audio panels

• GCU 476 display controller

• GTX 33 ES Mode S transponder w/extended squitter

• GWX 70 digital weather radar w/12-inch antenna

• GDL 69A XM weather receiver w/music

• TAWS B enablement card

• S-TEC 2100 Digital Flight Control System

• New fuel, oil, & hydraulic system pressure transducers

• New engine fuel flow transmitters

• Trilogy standby instrument (optional on 690A/B models)


Optional equipment that can be installed with the retrofit:

• RVSM (for 690C/D & 695/A models)

• 2nd transponder – GTX33D ES Mode S transponder w/extended squitter and diversity

• Traffic – GTS 800 (TAS), GTS 825 (high-power TAS), or GTS 855 (TCASI)

• Radio altimeter – GRA 5500 Radio Altimeter

• Satellite telephone – GRS-56 Iridium Satellite Receiver

• GRC 10 Satellite Radio Remote Controller

• Synthetic vision

• Chartview or Jeppview

• MFD aux video display

• Doppler & ground clutter suppression for GWX 70 radar

• Cabin Moving Map display

• Cabin and External LED lighting package