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Twin Commander Support and Coordination

Eagle Creek Aviation is the  the largest Twin Commander sales and service organizations on the planet, and a major reason for their success is the strength of their commitment to the brand and their vision to continuously upgrade it to maintain its value to operators and potential customers.  Here are some of Matt Hagans, CEO of Eagle Creek Aviation,  thoughts about the Twin Commander and aging aircraft issues.

Our challenge is to deal with aging aircraft issues, and we are doing that. We have to address that issue as an industry, too. Those who do not, well, they are doomed.

We want to keep the Commander viable, for a legacy aircraft that was built in the heyday of the 1970s and 80s, the product support is better than any other turboprop, including Cessna, Beech, Piper, and Mitsubishi.

The reason is the coordination between the factory (Twin Commander Aircraft LLC) and the authorized service centers. Twin and the service centers are working together to provide that support.

We think the airplane is viable for years to come, It is hugely overbuilt, with heavy metal gauge in the structure and zinc chromate corrosion proofing. There is nothing on the horizon that is a direct replacement. A single-engine turboprop solves some issues for some people, but it is not the answer for performance and overwater.

Hagans has championed every major Twin Commander upgrade including the Grand Renaissance program, the Dash 10T engine conversion, and the Meggitt Magic panel retrofit.

Hagans has put his considerable vision, energy, time, and money into supporting and advancing the Twin Commander brand because it supports and advances his business interests–Eagle Creek Aviation Services and Naples Jet Center.

From my perspective as the owner of this company, I have chosen to be involved in the Commander because I believe in its future. I have made a huge personal and financial commitment to support that. I am sure it will remain a safe, popular, and viable aircraft, well supported by the factory and the service centers for decades to come.

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