Eagle Creek in the News

Eagle Creek to Attend and Exhibit at Phenom Jet Association’s Conference April 12-15


Phenomenal 2012 is your opportunity to join with other U.S. and international Phenom 100 and 300 owners and operators to learn about best practices for flying, maintaining, and upgrading your Phenom jet.

The Conference will feature two full days of information-packed seminars including Phenomenal Pilots and Prodigy Pros, sessions that were especially popular at the 2011 Conference. A panel of experienced Phenom pilots and instructors will discuss hands-on flying issues such as hot and high departures, low-visibility takeoffs, instrument departure procedures, and short-field operations. The Prodigy Pros panel will offer insights and tips on how to get the most out of the brains of the airplane — the Prodigy system.

Start your Phenomenal 2012 Conference early with a rejuvenating dose of learning from Phenom mentor pilot and instructor Neil Singer. Neil will conduct a one-day Phenom 100 ground school that blends systems information with relevant accident analysis; operational hazards; in-service failure reports; and critical performance considerations including contaminated runway performance, single-engine obstacle avoidance and obstacle departure procedures, and cruise planning. And this special training opportunity for companions of Phenom PICs: A two-hour ground school and two-hour flight in your Phenom during which you will learn how to control the aircraft in the event of pilot incapacitation, communicate with air traffic control, and make a safe landing.

Plan to arrive by Wednesday evening, April 11, to participate in some Phenomenal golfing. We’ll be off the links in time to tidy up for the Thursday evening Welcome Reception overlooking the Savannah waterfront. Following Friday’s seminar sessions we’ll convene for a gala dinner sponsored by Embraer Executive Jets. Saturday evening we’ll enjoy the Phenom Jet Association banquet, featuring a special presentation and a lively auction of valuable Phenom products and services. Sunday morning we’ll have a final breakfast and informal presentation.

To Learn More Visit www.phenom.aero