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Discount Extended on Twin Commander Engine Upgrade

If you’ve been taking a long look at boosting the climb, cruise, and fuel efficiency performance of your Honeywell TPE331-5-powered Twin Commander by upgrading the engines to Dash 10T configuration, look no longer. Twin Commander Aircraft, in collaboration with Twin Commander authorized Dash 10T installation service centers, Standard Aero, and Honeywell, is offering an unprecedented limited-time discount on the celebrated Dash 10T conversion.Dash Ten Engine Conversion

“We are able to offer this special pricing because of the desire of all of the partners involved to help 690-series owners and operators take the step up to Dash 10T power and enjoy all of the benefits the conversion offers,” explained Twin Commander Aircraft President Matt Isley. “The Dash 10T is the contemporary standard for performance, manufacturer support, and enhancing aircraft market value, and now the price difference between overhauling a Dash 5 engine and upgrading to Dash 10T is insignificant.”

The discount offer is valid only for a limited number of customers, according to Isley. “We expect strong response, but we can’t extend the program indefinitely. It’s first come, first served,” he said. “There has never been a better time to opt for Dash 10T power. Now—right now—is the time to act.”

The Dash 10T offers greater performance because the upgraded hot section results in a nearly 20 percent higher thermodynamic rating than the Dash 5 version of the engine. That means the Dash 10T can maintain maximum flat-rated power to about 16,000 feet compared to about 6,000 feet for the Dash 5, and cruise at 300-plus knots compared to about 275. The Dash 10T also has better fuel specifics compared to the Dash 5 for even better fuel efficiency.

For more information about this special limited-time Dash 10T conversion program, please contact Eagle Creek Aviation, one of the authorized Twin Commander Dash 10T service centers